What happens if I don't get the house I bid on?

First of all, we hope that doesn't happen. We're excited for you to get the house too! But we know sometimes everything doesn't work out just right and you need to start over. Sqaak is there to help. Because you don't actually give up your money when you put it in Sqaak it is super-easy to get it back out when you need. Just click the "return" link and we will set up a transfer back to your account at no charge. The coolest part of the Sqaak process, however, is that you don't have to take it out just because your first deal did not go through. You can continue to use your Sqaak receipt code to bid on other houses - just go back to your account and change the listing information so the seller knows you meant for the funds to come to them. Whether you keep the money in Sqaak or send it back to you - be confident in knowing it is under your control throughout the process. That's what Sqaak is all about.