Would you rather write a big check or hold on to your cash?

In today's real estate transactions, control has value. The agents know what they're doing and do it quickly but are you really sure what's happening throughout? When you're writing earnest money deposit checks that could be thousands of dollars you should have more oversight.

Sqaak is the first web service that uses the power of the secure bank ACH network (the same service you may use to e-pay your electric bill) to provide you control of your earnest money deposit. When it's time for the seller to get your money, you say so. Our two-step funding engine leaves you in charge. Deal doesn't go through and you want that money back... no problemo!

Through the generous contributions of vendors in our Sqaak Home Marketplace having control of your money costs you absolutely nothing. Don't want to talk to them? That's fine too. We'll give you plenty of options; because Sqaak is about control.

How the Sqaak Process works

Transfer your money to you

Instead of writing a check to the seller's agent, you transfer funds from your bank into your Sqaak account. We give you a code that you can control - even putting it into more than one offer if you want. Try doing that with a paper check.

LET everyone see your money

While your real estate purchase agreement is being negotiated anyone with the code can verify your funds. But that's all they can do, they can't access them until you say so. If your deal never gets completed, you log in to your account and send it back to the bank.

You grant access to the money

When the time comes for you to put the money in an escrow account you get a text message from Sqaak with a link to confirm the funds capture. Once you confirm, we send your funds right away. You get a receipt and we get out of the way.