To pay or not to pay - That is the question

Sqaak is a totally new service - and that's why we can create new rules on who pays for what we offer. We have thought about these rules for a long time, because we want you to have choices too.

Using Sqaak (and keeping control of your money) costs $9.95. You can pay that amount as you go through the funding process and everything will be cool. When your funds are captured there is no additional cost...or if you need to get your funds back we do that free too.

Some of our friends have already paid for you to use our service. Isn't that great? To take advantage of this FREE service you can either enter your prepaid code (these codes are often provided by our mortgage friends) or you can let the awesome people of the Sqaak Home Marketplace pick up the tab for you. When you join the marketplace or use the code, we just let the people who paid your bill know you are making an offer, so they can reach out to help.

Who participates in the Sqaak Home Marketplace?

Mortgage Lenders

Sqaak has a large number of mortgage lenders eager to help you with your loan. Even if you are preapproved somewhere else you may get a better offer from our friends in the Marketplace.

Home Inspectors

In many states a home inspection is part of the purchase process. Through Sqaak you can get introduced to some of the best names in the industry.

Insurance Professionals

Buying insurance is all about finding the best possible deal for your particular needs - so why not let the Sqaak marketplace provide you with an introduction to someone new!